Agak-Agak Nyonya is on the mission to not just preserve our Peranakan family recipe, but to re-educate our now generation on what preserve our Peranakan family recipe Peranakan culture is all about - family.
  • Nyonya Roots

    I've always admired how my mum and grandmother can easily whip up a Peranakan dish, and it would be the best thing ever. Just watching them cook is very therapeutic.
  • The Nyonyna Kitchen

    Watching them pound the ingredients into pastes with a pestle and mortar, i can still remember the rhythmic pounding, and the grinding sound of the pestle and mortar.
  • Peranakan Origins

    The whiff of toasted sambal belacan, The bubbles simmering in the pot of masak lemak, the spiciness in the air that makes you sneeze and cough when sambal is being cooked. .. It's all very.. nostalgic.

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