Cili Garam (Salty Chilli Paste)

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This is every Baba Nyonya's favourite dish! It is a very simple dish yet incredibly packed with flavours. Perfect with fried fish, this paste is the ultimate match as the flavours give you a kick of spicy fragrance.

For the vegan option, this pairs well with fried tempeh/brinjal/tofu!

If you're afraid of it being spicy, don't let the colour fool you! It's not spicy, worry not.

Spicy Nyonya Level


To Add

  • 2 Medium-sized fish (250-300g each)

The best type of fishes for this are Mackarel, Pomfret, Threadfin, and Snapper.

Vegan-friendly Version:
Swap the fish with 2 packets of 250g tempeh. 

Cooking Instructions

Amount: 200g pastes
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Serves: 6 servings

Step 1:
Fry fish/tempeh till golden brown.

Step 2:
Heat up Agak Agak Nyonya Cili Garam Paste in a wok.

Step 3:
Add fried fish/tempeh into wok, coating the fried fish/tempeh well with the paste.

Step 4:
Be Nyonya-fied!

How to Eat

Served with a bowl of white rice, and a fried egg on top. 

Shelf Life

Non-refrigerated : 6 months

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