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About Us

Bringing Authentic Nyonya Flavours to Your Kitchen

Welcome to Agak-Agak Nyonya, your go-to destination for authentic Nyonya food pastes. Our mission is to make traditional Nyonya flavours accessible, easy, and affordable for everyone. With our ready-to-cook pastes, you can now enjoy the taste of Malaysia's rich culinary heritage in the comfort of your own home. Let us bring the vibrant and aromatic flavors of Nyonya cuisine straight to your kitchen.

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It started in 2019.

If you love Peranakan food and you know some Nyonyas who are great cooks, try digging some recipes from them. It can be an astonishing yet humourous experience.


This is because the traditional Nyonyas in the past, cooked everything the agak-agak way. Agak-agak means to guess or estimate, and this was how the Nyonyas of old measured their ingredients – by estimation.


A thumbsize of this, a finger segment of that, a “senduk” of this, a Nescafe “cangkhir” of that. Everything is to taste, which makes it very subjective.

The sounds of our kitchen.

Click play and let your imagination do the cooking!



Never a quiet kitchen with mummy


Kring Krang Kuali

Did you know?

We started this venture in our little kitchen, cooking a recipe over and over again until we got it right.

From frozen mini containers to being on the shelf in local marts and grocers - we're excited to do more.

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